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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three Word Wednesday~

Devout, adjective: Pious, religious, devoted, dedicated, reverent, God-fearing; holy, godly, saintly, faithful, dutiful, righteous, churchgoing, orthodox; dedicated, devoted, committed, loyal, faithful, staunch, genuine, firm, steadfast, unwavering, sincere, wholehearted, keen, enthusiastic, zealous,passionate, ardent, fervent, active, sworn, pledged; informal card-carrying, true blue.

Indulgent, adjective: Permissive, easygoing, liberal, tolerant, forgiving, forbearing, lenient, kind, kindly, generous, softhearted, compassionate, understanding, sympathetic; fond, doting, soft; compliant, obliging, accommodating.

Smug, adjective: Self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, complacent, superior, pleased with oneself, conceited.

He knew she wasn't his
With the smug look
Devout and passionate
He was relentless in his pursuit
With lust in his heart
He was indulgent to her plight
Knowing someday she would be his
With his smug look
Of devout passion
For it was only a matter of time
When they would be together
In his devout pursuit 
For the woman he longed for
Waiting seemed 
Only a moment of time
Lust turning 
Into an every lasting love
As he devoutly waited
For the woman that wasn't his
With a passion
Of devout indulgence's


How are you weathering the time change? Do you adjust easily to it?


kaykuala said...

He's really bent on getting his way with the resolve and passion so strong! Nicely Beth!


Ananya N said...

So intense...beautifully written Beth !