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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Challenge Catch Up From This Past Week~

Photo Challenge Catch-up
March Joy Dare

March Photo Challenge
March 19~ Bench
Haven't got out much this past few weeks in adventures
So I have some snaps of the bench on my patio.
Looking forward to when it will be nice and warm once again and enjoying sitting out and having morning coffee.

March Photo Challenge
March 20~ Spring
Spring is blooming here in the beautiful PNW!
I love seeing all the beautiful blooms

The trees are covered in beauty.
Taking walks and the Spring breezes with the beauty and scents of the season.
Loving this time of year and looking forward to the lazy days of Summer.

March Photo Challenge
March 21~ Something old & new
The old hand stitched picture that my sisters gave me.
Old glory that belonged to my grandparents
The Civil Court Room rich in history old and new
Me with my new piggy bank
My oldest grandson and youngest grandson
The Escalade you can earn to drive in Mary Kay
The new necklace I won at Career Conference
My Mary Kay products
The bracelet we received at Career Conference from our Director

March Photo Challenge
March 22~ Hats
Oh I do have lots and lots of hats
Though this is just a very small collection of hubby's and my hat collection
He loves his baseball hats
And I just love hats of all  styles and kinds
I love wearing them!
They make me feel so very pretty!

March Photo Challenge
March 23~ Trees
One of my favorite things to take photos of trees!
Though this collection is not near the photos of trees I have.
It is a small collection.
I'm so glad I have lots of trees in our court yard were we live.
I so love the beauty of them.

"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers."
~1 Peter 3:12
Lord, help me to put away my selfish pride and show my Christian witness by being friendly to others.

March Joy Dare

Day 19~

3 Gifts eaten

1. The wonderful appetizer tray at Apple Bees that Geo Sutter and I shared this afternoon before I had to be back at court! Thank you Geo for helping to make an unpleasant event more pleasant it was great to run into you and spend an hour visiting.   

2. The cauliflower cream soup I had at lunch time
3. Peanut butter girl scout cookies.....

March Joy Dare
Day 20
3 Gifts that made you laugh
1. When Georgie looked at me today with a frown then started laughing and smiling at me. Made me laugh and smile. Then she said "I love you!" Makes my day when they are smiling love making them more beautiful than they already are! I have the perfect job!
2. When I was sharing with Edie Ricker Cowell today about my interesting adventure with courts and police and the on going saga......she made me laugh and smile! 
3. When my hubby told me what kind of temper I had and that I didn't have to explain it to him...He already knows...laughing still!

March Joy Dare
Day 21
A gift salty, sweet, just right
Would be the salt in the salt shaker that I used to flavor my food with
Sweet was the very yummy dessert at the luncheon- German Chocolate cake with chocolate mouse YUMMY!
And just right would be all the wonderful time with girlfriends and new friends at the Mary Kay Conference

March Joy Dare
Day 22
3 Gifts found in His word
1. When we call upon His name He shall answer Isiah 58:9
2. His strength is made perfect in our weakness 2 Corinthians 12:9
3. He is the bread of life John 6:35

March Joy Dare
Day 23
3 gifts found in women today
1. That they love to help one another to be the best we can be
2. They love to encourage one another and lift each other up when we are needing a helping hand
3. That they are there when you need someone to go and paint the town and there when you need a shoulder to cry on. They are your friends that walk through life with you.

A Holy Experience

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