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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Candid Moments~ New App

New App

The above photo is one that has Spring blooming in full beauty!
Having so much fun!
Loving the sun and the sights, sounds and smells of the Spring air!

Instead of doing what I really needed to be doing today;
I was hiding.
I am running you see...
It is easier to hide and not deal with issues.
My plate feels over whelming
So last night I started looking at camera apps.
Its my new place to run and hide from the world.
I take my afternoons walks....
Get lost in the beauty of the afternoon.
I take lots and lots of photos...
Of just about anything you can dream of.
Then I play on the phone camera with all the fun apps.
Not suggesting this to anyone as a place of escape. 
The problems still are there when I'm done running and playing.
For a small bit I was in never~ever~land where kids never grow up.
My mind re-focused on something fun and happy instead of the troubles of the day.
But then reality will set in...
Then we will have to deal with life once again.
In the meantime fun is at hand!

The two photos above are from the same area.
But from two different outings.

So my avoidance was for the better part of the day;
 As I played with all these new fun apps. that I had found.
finding the perfect photos to put in these wonderful picture frames.
So many to chose from.
I will pay later for this avoidance behavior;
 I'm sure in the not so near future.
like maybe tomorrow!
I truly will have to crack down and get my chores done.
As well as some business that needed tending too.
Tomorrow is another day.
I think sometimes running and hiding from life can be therapeutic.
It will bring a fresh perspective on issues.
So in the meantime I will enjoy the
Silence of the quiet beauty!

As you see I was having lots of fun with the apps 
I found between last night and today.
Really a very un-productive day.
But relaxing and reflective,
With lots of prayers as well.
I know I cannot stay in this slump forever.
God is faithful and loves us.
He will never leave us or forsake us
He will not leave us begging for bread
He will always make away of escape
Where we are weak He is made strong
His grace is sufficient for me
So ....
With His love and grace I know all things will work together for His good and His glory.
Thank you for stopping in for another fun filled day of exploring.
Please leave a comment as I love hearing from you.

What do you like to do to escape everyday life when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 12~ 
BW= Black&White
I wanted to so something different and still be black and white.
I have been downloading and playing with new camera apps with different frames and effects.
I had this picture from awhile back.
It had been done in etchings from a friend.
I really love this photo.
Thought these ladies are some of the flowers and gifts in my life.
Perfect for today's challenge.
I really thought about doing something different....
But am really seeing some of the creativity come out in the challenge an still achieve what they are asking for.
So much fun!

"If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed."
~John 8:31
Lord, may our love for you increase. May our desire for your Word grow into delight.

March joy Dare
Day 12 
A gift in the wind, in water, in white
In the wind would be the beauty I saw out my front door this morning when the breeze was blowing through the bushes and trees. It was like the Lord was kissing me on the cheek saying good morning to me.
Water would be the gift of having fresh water everyday running through the pipes of our home for so many uses that we take for granted daily.
White is the paper I write and print off of for so many things daily do list...My joys.....and so much more.

A Holy Experience

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