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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Candid Moments


One of my favorite things to do in the day is go get my mail.
It is a great little walk for me too.
As I have to walk about a block and half up then back.
This postman isn't the friendliest of sorts.
I have had some postmen that were just wonderful and friendly.
One postman was a friend of ours.
 He always honked to say hello when he came up to the mail box!
I would wave or come on out and he would hand deliver with a smile.
He also did business with me at Christmas time.
I miss his friendly smile!
So I'm sure this postman isn't the most poplar guy on the block;
As he seems to have lost his smile.
I try to share mine....
Though he doesn't seem a bit interested.
He barely grunts when you say hello!
Rather sad actual!
He never seems to make it at the same time of day either.

But matter I love going to get the mail.
I love going to see what is in the box.
Usually lots of bills!
Not really sure why?
Maybe because it makes me feel wanted and loved?!?
Not really.... never know when there might be that one thing that makes your day inside that mail box.
I always am anticipating something good will be delivered.
Maybe a package.....?
A large sum of money!!!!!

A girl can dream cannot she?
Usual it is large slice of my money pie that someone is after.
I'm sure none of you have that problem!
Then their is all this mail to occupant.
I sure wish I knew who that person was.
They are so very poplar indeed.
Then there is the general junk mail listed to me.
Someone always waning me to apply for some credit.
Then we have the magazines that I flip through.
Then there is always a little note from a friend or loved one.
My treasures handwritten mail
I love those ones!
They don't seem to come as often anymore with the age of social media.
But ....every now and then one will trickle through the mail and put a smile as big as Texas on my face!
Oh so many goodies come to us in the mail box.
I guess that is why I love going and getting the mail
At least we know that someone cares or wants something from us.
The box that brings so many surprises!

March 1, 2014
It has been a wet rainy Saturday!
I was so excited to go the movies with my girlfriend today.
We saw the, "Son of God"
Excellent movie.
It was a leisure day and ended on a wonderful note.
Hope your Saturday has been a full one.
Thank you for stopping in....Please leave a comment....I would love to drop in on you at your special place in the world.

Is your postman a friendly guy? Do you enjoy getting the mail?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 1 ~
Was thankful for the rain today so I was able to get some snaps of some puddles.
I was actual hoping for some gully washer;
So I could get some really awesome ones.
But didn't rain as hard as they said it was going too.
Though i did find some pretty cool puddles around the complex to capture.
Some in the driveway and a couple on the road.

For those of you that want to join in on the fun the photo challenge here is the list for the month.
We have been posting on Instgram as well as facebook.
Would love for you to hop in and join the fun.
Let me know if you do.

"When I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me."
~Micah 7:8
Thank you, dear Lord, for Your precious light. Keep my vision clear, that I may only travel on Your lighted pathway.

March joy Dare

Day 1
3 at 3PM
1. At the movies seeing the "Son of God"
2. With my friend Edie Cowell at the movies sharing a bucket of popcorn and candy
3. Thankful for the napkins Edie Ricker Cowell grabbed for us to use for our snacks; came in handy when I was crying. Thank you Edie!

A Holy Experience

If you are interested in hoping in please do but....makes sure you check out "A Holy Experience" 
She is the creator and founder of this amazing journey and has wrote an amazing book "One Thousand Gifts"
A must read!
Hope you hope on the Joy Dare and see miracles happen!

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