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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

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Yesterday morning hubby encouraged me to go back to the gym. 
I wasn't really sure this was what I wanted;
But knew it was what I needed.
So up I got and ready to go.
I couldn't find my gym bag!
Finally it is found.
Still I couldn't find my membership card to get in.
Pull out ID to take so I can get in gym.
We arrive.
Its really going to happen,
I'm going to exercise.
To the desk I go.
Hubby checks in.
I let the lady know who I am and that I have no card to check in.
I have to call hubby back there is a problem.
NO this is the strange thing.
He goes in no problem.
They look me up says account is in the rears.
That is impossible we are married they take money out every month no problem.
Then she ask me my nick name;
Finds me.
Says she thinks something might be wrong with the computer.
I ask why
It says it has been 482 days since I've been in.
I look at her and think
That sounds about right to me.
I think hubby is going to fall over backwards laughing.
Again she looks at me and ask are you sure?
I'm sure!
It was a small sabbatical.
So okay its been almost a year half since I've been in.
But I'm ready to give it a try once again.
So this is where I need the accountability.
So I will be writing short little blogs about my work outs at the gym.
Yesterday I did about a half hour on the tread mill and a hundred sit ups.
I will be going again today.
So yes!
There will be a second blog up on my gym trip for accountability later.
Well, I was there yesterday I meet the lady that leads the Zumba classes three times a week.
They are on Monday and Wednesday evening and Saturday mornings. 
So I am going to try and attend at least two of them.
So tomorrow will be my first experience with Zumba.
That should be interesting.
So if any of you are cheer leaders please cheer me on.
I am going to be working out with a man.
Okay that I think will be my first mistake.
But I have to go with someone or I wont go at all.
So here comes the new rock hard Beth!
Or an attempt to feeling and looking better anyways.
We were laughing that I want to lose a hundred pounds.
So okay that would be way to much and I would look sickly and gaunt.
So ....
I need to at least firming up
getting rid of the thunder thighs
and the mid section.
Sounds like a lot of hard work to me.
So the journey begins

Do you work out and go to a gym?

1 comment:

Denise said...

You go girl, you can do this.