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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

Well......I made it through another work out today! I so didn't want to go. But... I am determined to accomplish my goal of getting into shape and feeling better. I may never be a size 7 ever again. Nor do I think I would look good as one now. But I know I get get rid of those thunder thighs and muffin top. Everyday is a step closer to my goal. Today I managed to to about 32 minutes on the tread mill and 100 sit ups with 30 lbs of weight. I really had a tough time doing the last 30 sit ups. I really struggled today getting them done. Dear hubby thought I should try and do more. WHAT? Is he nuts? It takes everything inside of me to get what I do done. I wont be back to the gym now until Sunday sometime. As I work tomorrow and Saturday I have a dental appointment and sister is coming in and we will be spending some time together. I know I don't want to over due and burn self out either. Than I wont want to go at all. Then it could be another 482 days before I visit the gym again. So I am trying really hard to be sensible and consistent at the same time. I also walked around the neighborhood and to the store today. So I am getting some other work outs as well.

How many times a week do you work out? Or do you?


Denise said...

You are doing really well, happy for you.

Thisisme. said...

Good for you. Gosh, you are doing really well at the gym, especially with those sit-ups. Don't listen to hubby on this one (!) and, as you say, you don't want to put yourself off. Otherwise you won't go again. Good luck with your new fitness regime. I know that you can do it!