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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lent Season ~ Thankful List/Verse With Prayer: Day 31

R.I.P. Dorothy

Beth & Dorothy
At Beth's Beauty Salon
Parkview Assisted Living
 Yes! I am playing catch up once again. Yesterday was a long day. It was a strange one as well. As it started off not on such a wonderful note. I went to work as always. But one of the caregivers asked which Dorothy was I expecting. I said I don't recall her last name; but she is the one with the oxygen tank. Oh! Honey! She passed away this morning. So a goodbye to my beautiful client Dorothy. What a joy she brought to me every Friday morning. Thank you Lord for bringing her into my life and the salon. She always prayed for me. I had the wonderful honor last month of helping her surprise her daughter. I'm so glad I was able to do that for her. One of her daughters last precious treasured gifts from her mom. I thank God that I was able to help her do that for her daughter. Dorothy, has a new birthday! Been set free from the oxygen tank, and breathing and is the the presence of our Father in glory! I pray the Lord hold her family and that they feel His precious peace about them as they say their last goodbyes to this wonderful woman. Thank you Dorothy for the laughter, smiles and prayers of love and encouragement that you bestowed upon me. 

So as the day progressed it got more interesting. I did have a few ladies come in and even a few unexpected drop in. Over all it was a very good day at the shop. Busy! I did a color and a perm plus several haircuts along with my regular shampoo sets. Everyone left happy. Praise the Lord! I was going to go the bank; but the sun was out. I had other thoughts about doing errands. I wanted to lap up some of that wonderful sunshine. Which is exactly what I did. I sat and enjoyed the sunshine. It was wonderful!. I am so ready to bask in the sun. Hubby took us out for ice cream!Yummy!

Thankful List Of Five

  1. Having the job I have to bless others in feeling and looking good by coming and getting their hair done
  2. The sunshine and sitting outside for a couple of hours absorbing the rays 
  3. Body scrub
  4. Knowing the Father holds us in His hands and arms of love; watching us with His protective eyes 
  5. Banana split with hubby

Romans 10:13

"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Father, help us to be as little children in our humility and willingness to learn of thee.

Did you have a busy Friday?


Denise said...

Sorry for the loss of Dorothy.

Linda said...

So glad that Dorothy is set free from her earthly pains and issues...and in the presence of her Lord. But I know she will be missed here on earth.

How wonderful that you have a job where you can make people feel refreshed by doing their hair and making them look good. I always enjoy going to my stylist. It feels wonderful when she cuts, washes, and dries my hair and styles it. It feels like I am being pampered.

Happy Spring!
Enjoy your week.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Thisisme. said...

I too am sorry to hear about Dorothy, but we know that she is now free from all her earthly burdens and at peace with the Lord. How lovely that you were able to arrange that surprise for her daughter. You are such a blessing in those ladies' lives my friends. Well done for foregoing on the errands and taking some time in the sunshine, AND an ice-cream with hubby! I think this lovely weather is forecast to last for most of this week over here. Take care.