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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

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Up and rise early to the gym I go! Even on a Saturday morning when I could sleep in. Okay so I have work out partners now that I'm accountable to them as well. So there is no backing out or not showing up for 482 days. One actually called me an over achiever this morning. I had to laugh. As that is so far from the truth. I arrived and just got started working out. Lets get in and get out as fast as one can I say. Actually both of my girlfriends are Marathon runners and one of them used to do weight training. So I couldn't have picked two more fabulous ladies to work out with; Who will keep me on track and focused as well as help me learn how to use these machines and weights properly. Not to mention that they are very encouraging and don't want me to hurt myself either. So that is great. Where with hubby it is come on push it and do things that I know I cannot. This plan is working much better for me. Thank you Rikki and Cindy!You are both so awesome in helping me achieve my goals. So today I worked out on the tread mill for a half hour and then half hour on the bike. But these girls where just getting started. They wanted to go down and work out on the weights. Okay I can do that. So..... The good thing is there was no camera around or you would have found some humorous photos of me stuck in these mid-evil contraption's that they call weight training machines. So Yes! I obviously survived this form of torture. Not sure why anyone would want to do this. But.... I'm game as I am headed to a rock hard gorgeous body even if it is only in my mind. So I did about a half hour on the weights today. And I felt every bit of it too. I would have stayed a bit longer with them. But... had to run home and clean up for the day. I had a luncheon date with Mary who is putting together the The Dalles High 35th class reunion. She rocks as well. So it was a good day at the gym. Not sure about these evil weights and machine's; But if they help me achieve my goal. I'm game. 

Do you work out with weights and the mid evil machines that torture?


Abhishek Boinapalli said...

Workouts are sure a fun .. have you got the right activity and the right partner!!!

Happy that you found some cool partners .. I am still looking looking and looking!!!

Another Author

Denise said...

Keep going my friend.

Thisisme. said...

I'm so glad you have those two lovely ladies to help you and encourage you in the gym. It really does make such a difference, especially if they can make sure that you are using all the equipment correctly. I used to go to the gym, but I just lift weights at home now and go on a step machine and exercise bike. I'm going on holiday with my 14 year old granddaughter in July (just the two of us). We will be in the pool a lot, so I MUST be disciplined with it from here on in. LOL!!