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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lent Season ~ Thankful List/Verse With Prayer: Day 30

Again I had the day planned out. But between weather changing how the morning started due to the snow. Then as the day tick by the day was continually switched around. Once again designed by God. I may have it planned and laid out the way I think it should go. Then whoop!there it goes in another direction. Which works out perfectly. Its just being willing to go with the flow and lead of the Lord. Then even when its not going according to the way you like at lest you know it is going smoothly and designed perfectly for the events of the day; because you followed His perfect design and leading. Hubby still isn't feeling up to par. Irritable is somewhat of an understatement. Praying he is feeling well soon. The sun popped out this afternoon!Yea! So wonderful to see that beautiful gold ball of fire. Though it is very chilly tonight. They say no more snow. We....will see! I'm doing a load of laundry this evening. Crazy!I never do laundry this late at night. But....hubby wanted something washed. The things we will do. I don't know if any of you are watching the new show "Missing"with Ashley Judd. WOW! What a great show. Leaves you in suspense lots of espionage. 

Thankful List Of Five

  1. God's smile upon my day as He personally designed it to fit all those needs of those I care for
  2. Clean dish's
  3. Quarters to do the laundry for hubby this evening
  4. Having friends that know how to put a smile on your face 
  5. The gentle kindness of loved ones support and encouragement
  1. One extra tonight to answer about the new apps of music ~  Spotify

Acts 2:17

"I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh."

Dear Lord, sweeten my attitudes. May my life breathe the fresh fragrance of your spirit.

Do you use  a lot of different apps. on your different pieces of electronics?

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Denise said...

I enjoy the music on your blog.