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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

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Today I had not planned on going to the gym. But Whoa! I did! And glad I went. Last evening I was speaking with a girlfriend of mine and realized we belonged to the same gym. What a wonderful gift I thought. Yea! Someone to work out with besides hubby. That made me so happy. I had planned on working this morning so going wasn't going to actually happen. Well.....when plans changed I gave her a shout and we meet at the gym. I did a wonderful work out. Two hours worth. I did an hour on the bicycle and an hour on the Nu step. I was getting tried but I was encouraged and felt like I wasn't just getting fit physical; but as well just being able to vent as a  girl vents girl stuff. I felt so much better after wards. I look forward to going again tomorrow. That I would even say that amazes me. I as well felt so validated in my work out and who I am. I felt this was very good and very important. I hoping to make it tomorrow Thursday and possible on Sunday. Those are the planned days anyways. God willing nothing gets tossed into the works to mix a different plan then I have. Sometimes God comes in and changes things up  That's okay! But I felt so good today after the gym. Then this afternoon came the flood of tears. Not sure what all that is about. But..... Praying that this gym is helping me release stress among some other things that are going on that I feel that are making me feel unhealthy. That new body is what I'm stretching for. With good health and eating habits. I'm sure it will come. Just not soon enough for me!

Do you have a friend you work out with?


Denise said...

Saying prayers for you.

Karen S. said...

I do they're my grandbabies, and 2 dogs! Who needs anyone else right?!!!