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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Here we are on Thankful Thursday!
Isn't it wonderful to be able to make a list and share all the many blessing that you are thankful for?
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See what others are thankful for.
I know I'm very excited to share the wonders of the Lord through my thankful list

  1. Spring storms that are more like Winter storms
  2. Cleansing tears 
  3. My daughter's love each one of them
  4. The gift of an airline ticket to come and visit my daughters and their families
  5. Each breathe I breath
  6. Midnight prayers
  7. Knowing God carry's you in the very palm of His hand
  8. Pennies I find on the ground. That I call pennies from heaven. Knowing this is God's special reminder through the day that He is thinking of me and loves me
  9. Encouragement from friends that help push you in the right direction and keep you accountable
  10. Having enough money to put my Mary Kay order in
  11. Hot soothing showers 
  12. Being validated
  13. Finding a new music app
  14. Post card from sister who is in Kabul
  15. Ears that hear the music of the world 

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What gifts have you unwrapped this week that your thankful for? 



Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. Good to meet you on facebook today! I always love your list of things to be thankful for. Sometimes it's just the simple things that can mean so much to us. Blessings to you my friend.

Cami said...

Being validated is OH SO important - isn't it? Glad you are able to do that <3
Cleansing tears are long as that's all they are - cleansing ;)
Thanks for the reminder that God is with us ALWAYS <3 I needed that today.
What new music app did you find? What does it do? YAY postcards - especially from family!
Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday! Hope your day is truly blessed - along with the rest of your week <3

Denise said...

Nice list.

jeanne said...

It is gods blessing to have such an awesome thankful list. Lucky you.
xo, Jeanne