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Daily Journey

Monday, March 26, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

Up and at them on a Monday morning. Yes! I once again was faithful to my work partners and my goal of going to the gym. I need to make it at least three times a week or more. So far so good. Today I got up and went right in around 8:15. I started with sit ups and had 40 pounds of weight on the machine as I did them. Then headed straight the bicycle. I spent about an hour on it today. I was tired! not sure from what. But tired. So after about hour fifteen minutes or an hour half I was done. Short hard work out. I did it! Got home and hubby was getting ready to go and do his work out. Later in the day I did several walks. I walked to the bank to pay a bill. Then I went on a walk just to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine before the rain hits tonight and breathe some of the beautiful fresh air. Loved it! So I think we had a good day in getting some exercise. I'm actually looking forward to it warming up a bit in the evening and not raining. As hubby and I like to take walks after dinner. Something to look forward too. 

Do you like to take walks after dinner?

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