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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 32


Today I'm thankful for the beautiful sunshine and time with hubby. The lunch we had together. Catching up with old friends. A phone call for work tomorrow at an Adult Foster Care Home doing hair. Just reminds me how much God truly is in control.

 Tree Knot

This interesting little find was at the bar where hubby goes on Sunday's to watch sports and have his beers. He had invited me down for lunch. So I headed on down to spend some time with him. My did we find some interesting things there today. This was just one of them. This is tree is out on their outdoor patio for smokers. I was so intrigued by this knot and this tree. I found it to be very unusual. Even more unusual was the fact hubby had never noticed it before I mentioned it to him. I had to take some photos......just because I think it is a great piece of art work made by nature and God.

I sure love how the sun is coming through and hitting the leafs and the trunk of this tree as well as the knot. A perfect day for picture taking of this wonderful tree. It looks like an elbow up above the knot where she hooks out over unto the patio area. I'm sure she must give beautiful shade in the Summer.
Looks like a great place to hang out in the Summer day or evening actual.
Bet their are some fun parties here.

Just another view of this unique tree and the knot. The Fall leafs still hanging on for the last Hooray!
Looks like more sitting area with the bench's right there. 
I wonder if they have bands in the Summer that come and play here outdoors.
That would be so cool if they did.
Wonder what caused the knot like that in this tree?

Do you enjoy watching sports at a sports bar or at home?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

this is awesome!!!
You are like me I love love love looking for weird or odd shapes on the trees ;) The leaves can all fall off here :) that means not as harsh of a winter lol around here