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Daily Journey

Monday, November 18, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 33


So thankful for the abilities and the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed me with. Also am very thankful for surprise calls and texts that put smiles on my face. 

Sweet Sandra
Her Million Dollar Smile
November 18,2013
 Today I had the pleasure once again to go and see Sandra and do her hair for her and cut it. It is never an easy job any more and hasn't been for a very long time. 
I have been doing her hair for at least seven years or more now. We were trying to figure out how long I have been doing her hair.
I started doing her hair over at Parkview when it was known as Johnson Assisted Living.
She would come in and get her hair shampoo ed and set every week. Then it went to a shampoo and blow dry.
Then when she moved from there I had the honor of going over every other week at the Adult Foster Care to care for her hair needs. At that time when she first moved in I still was going every other week until it went to once a month on shampoo and blowing. Then she wasn't letting anyone touch her hair so we decided that what was best is just coming and doing haircuts every 6 weeks. Those even have gotten less and less over time. 
Cutting her hair has become an epic event for her.
I am honored to still have the privilege of doing her hair and meeting her hair care needs.
I feel it is an honor and privilege to come and be apart of their lives even when they have no clue who you are.
God's grace and love helps me through and getting to see those smiles make it so worth it.
The families and well as Sandra's.
Thank you Lord for gifting me with this ability and talent to be a gift to them in helping them look like the million they are.

November 18, 2013
Sandra and I
Sandra's daughter loves taking photos and use to take photos for me of all of my clients over a Johnson. One of just them and then one with me with them. She would bring in the photos as a gift to the family and myself. I so miss not having those pictures any longer. But surely cherish the ones I have from past clients. Thank you to Dawn for being a blessing to them as well as me.
Thank you as well for allowing me to continue to care for your moms hair. 
It is such an honor!
Today before i left we did get that million dollar smile.
Made us all cry.
Sandra is 94 and we are so grateful for everyday.
Thank you Jesus!

Will you be bringing family members in from far for the Thanksgiving festivities?


Gilligan Maryanne said...

wow!!! this is amazing, heck when I am 94 I hope to still be able to walk.

Thanks for sharing
will be going to my families we are all in OK
so not long to travel but will be fun this year as were going to my dads twins :) )

Karen S. said...

Absolutely right. Always! Bravo!