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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 39


I am so thankful to be able to help today and make a transition that is huge for them a bit smoother by just being able to help even if it was just a little cleaning and packing with some encouraging words. May their journey to their next chapter in their life be filled with peace, joy, and much happiness. Travel safely my friend! Thank you Lord for allowing me to help!

Looking Out

Today when I was getting ready to leave I saw this wonderful little kitty looking out the window of the slider door. Not sure you can see him or not as the leafs and the sun are shadowed in as if like a mirror of the beauty that the kitty looks like he is longing for outside in the beautiful late Fall sunshine of this day.
As you see the leafs are piled nicely in the front of the slider as well. Thanks to the winds of the East County blowing so hard over the past week. They have finally slowed down. Not near as cold.
The beauty is that the gardeners wont have to worry about raking them up. They have already been rolled up and piled up quite nicely for them thanks to those tanker rolling winds here in the East County. I really wanted to get a clearer snap of the kitty in the window but I think I really like the reflection in the door as well. Hope you all can sorta see him. Maybe next time I will be able to get a better snap. I was afraid if I moved to fast, or the flash on the camera would startle him or any strange movement he would jolt away. The moment I moved he did dart away too. This is the neighbors next door to me. Very lovely couple with small child and kitties as well. Thanking God for quiet and peaceful neighbors. Such a glorious day to find small gifts and treasures in the sunlight of the day. Though very crisp out I truly have enjoyed this late Fall day.

Can you see the kitty in the window? 
Do you like reflection photos?


Jim said...

Saw your cat, Bethe. But not until I read where to look. Glad you could help the folk move. A part of us is waiting to be filled by helping others. Wonder how/why it was made like that? :)

Gilligan Maryanne said...

Saw the kitty :) I love reflection pics. Glad you were there to help them get settled in.