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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 27


Thankful for another day! The hot cup of coffee to start my day. The braces to help me through my work day. That I have a job to go too! For each gift I will find along the day in my journey throughout the today! Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be a blessing.

Tree Encircled

As many of you know I love trees!
So when I saw one of my favorite trees today encircled with a bed of leafs....
Lets just say this made an irresistible picture moment for me.
Then it was hard to decide which one I would pick for the photo of the day.
It is my blog and I can post as many pictures as I want!
So no decision had to be made.
All but one made the headlines here on my little spot in the world of blogging.
Not really sure how this treasure came to be.
But I think it was the gal next door.
As all the leafs that where on her patio and walk way are now around my tree.

I think she placed each one with loving care with the way it is encircled so delicately and evenly around the trunk of the tree.
I wonder if she realizes what a beautiful treasure she created in doing so.
One that I am surely enjoying!
I hope you do as well.

Even the leafs seem happy to be placed so beautifully around the trunk. 
It is as if she wrapped the trunk with warmth and love.
All tied up in the rich colors of the dried up
rich browns, golden yellows and some burnt reds.
Leafs ready for the gardener to come and gather
And unwrap the trunk of its bountiful blanket of warmth.
This site put a smile bright upon my face
Warmed my heart.
A gift found right in front of my home for me to find.
What a gift!
I must tell her thank you when I see her.

Do you think sometimes people have no idea the gift they have left behind for others to find?


Gilligan Maryanne said...

that is so amazing
I love taking leaves,
rocks and shells
making arrangement and taking pics. I bet she had no idea of that beautiful wreath she made for the tree :) Love it!!!

Denise said...