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Daily Journey

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Three Word Wednesday

Curious, adjective: eager to know or learn something; expressing curiosity; strange; unusual.

Inevitable, adjective: Certain to happen; unavoidable; informal: So frequently experienced or seen that it is completely predictable.

Wary, adjective: Feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.

The day came 
It was inevitable
Wary from the anticipation
The  good-bye came and went
Curious to where this would lead
Empty inside 
Waiting with longing
Curious of arrival
It is inevitable 
That one would be 
Wary from all this waiting
Empty and lost
Searching with curiosity
It is safe to say
The inevitable came and went
Still empty and lost
Wondering if there will be a return

~ Beth~

Are you getting Thanksgiving snow where you live?


rallentanda said...

Swimming weather down at the bottom of the world Bethe.
Bit of a mind twister this one....clever use of the words:)

Jae Rose said...

This felt like a very thorough exploration of words and ideas..even the shape on the page was like a thought dropping..

kaykuala said...

A great way of finding around word usage. Cleverly done, Beth!


RMP said...

amazing how anticipation can make one wary, but quite true. my brain is rolling around with a multitude of thoughts...the ponderance of "return" has me a bit wary to the answer.