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Daily Journey

Friday, November 22, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 37


I am so thankful For my hands and fingers and all of my limbs. I can move and work and do the things I love most. So blessed that they all move and work according to the way they were designed too! Thank you Jesus!

East County Winds

November 22, 2013
Campbell Park
Gresham, Oregon
The Winds in the East county where I live;
They get crazy wild out here!
Creating their own kind of beauty throughout the landscape.
They create a raucous that would scare most.
When I was a child they did scare me very much.
I would crawl in bed with my mom or sister even sometimes with my brother.
Just so I wasn't alone when they blew as they would scare me so bad.
Know they can lull me to sleep, or wake me straight up out of bed.
Sometimes they sound like fright trains coming right through the walls and the windows.
Earlier today its sounded as if they were going to blow the winds out.
They get get up to 80 90 miles an hour easy.
Today they have been around 40 to 45 miles an hour.
Oh the bitter cold that comes with them.
The wind chill factor brings the temperatures even further down.
Frightfully cold I must say.
 Today's high was around 45 but when I left for work it was 37 and felt like 27 with the wind chill factor working. I pulled out my gloves today. i would have wore a hat but it would have blown off. 

I love how the photos above looks as though the leafs are climbing the staircase the way the winds blew them around into a beautiful pile clinging to one another waiting to climb the staircase.

November 22, 2013
Campbell Park
Gresham, Oregon
This photo was takes on the left side of my apartment.
Here it looks like the wind blow them and rolled them up tight and laid them in a line.
So funny how the wind took the scattered leafs and piled them neatly for anyone to come and clear them away.
But the gardeners wont be back until Thursday. I'm sure by then there will be more added to the line up above awaiting their to to climb the steps and those here will have more rolled up tightly. Even pine needles added in as well.
Such great skill the East County Winds have and the visions they have created.
I think I will stay in snuggled tightly in my warm blankets as they whirl, twirl, whistle and howl right through the night.

What scared you when you were little if anything?

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