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Daily Journey

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo A day

DAY 42


I am thankful for Those who serve their communities and around the globe to those less fortunate then themselves. I thanks God for their servant hearts.


November 27, 2013
 This photo was taken in the parking lot of the apartments. I was loading the car for work and noticed the beauty of the sky. I love looking up and seeing the beauty of the morning breaking.

November 27,2013
This morning sunrise was right out my front door. What beauty to walk straight into first thing in the morning as you are heading to work. It just took my breathe away. I knew I had to have snap of this one. 

November 27,2013
 The evening sky tonight was just as amazing as it was this morning. Again this shot right out my front door.
Do you see the plane? I wonder if those are arrivals for the Thanksgiving festivities of tomorrow.
I love the circle in the center that the clouds made. Made me think of the circle of life and love of those around em and the love the Lord has encircled around me as well.
Just beautiful! To think He created all this and hand painted it just for our enjoyment and a reminder of His love for us.

November 27, 2013

This one was taking in the back by the garages as I was doing my laundry this evening. Another hand painted picture from the hand of God!
I just can never get enough of His gifts and the beauty He has placed around us.

Do you go watch Thanksgiving Parades?

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