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Daily Journey

Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 30


I am so thankful that for heat! As cold as I am the Electricity that helps heat my house and keep me warm is truly a wonderful blessing.

Summer Memories

This photo was taken on a wonderful outing with friends this past Summer in August.
We were in the The Dalles, Oregon down on the water front on the Columbia River. These old shacks still stand. I really don't know all the history on them. Reminds you of an old ghost town. Need to find out the history on these old shanty's. It would be fun to find out the history and stories on them.
Couldn't get any closer to them due to rattle snake season.
And of course I had on sandals. so there was surely noway I was going out to them.
Maybe I might be able to take a road trip and get closer.
It is always fun to see what one can find on road trips and day outings. You just never know what treasure you will unwrap and enjoy!
Missing Summer and road trips already!
Need to do some late Fall and Winter trips!
We will see what this season holds.

Do you enjoy roads trips that you just get into the car and go, not knowing where you will end up?


Josie Two Shoes said...

There is nothing I love more than roadtrips, whether headed to a destination or just out to see where the road leads! This little cluster of tumbling down buildings would hold my interest too! Being cooped up in an office building for nine hours a day, nothing soothes the soul like getting away to unknown places where fresh air and wide horizons abound!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I failed to note that yes, what a blessing electricity is... winter warmth, summer cooling, and lighting whenever needed! (Not to mention the ever-essential power for my laptop! :-)