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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 25


Am so thankful that I could just sleep the day away if I wanted and no one to wake me until I was ready to get up! My body said sleep and that is exactly what we did. Thank you Lord for the quiet day and the sleep my body was requiring!


These photos of my beautiful granddaughter Mickenzee I stole off face book.
I so wish I could say I took these photos.
She looks to be having so much fun!
Living so far away I miss out on so much of their growing.
Mickenzee has three other siblings.
I miss out on them along with the other six amazing grandchildren and all of their many accomplishments.
I know there are many day's that I daily wish I was there for all these adventures.
So when pictures are posted or sent my way I treasure each one like gold.
My understanding this was a very special day and adventure for Mickenzee.
Love the rock climbing as it represents to me so much.
Obstacles that we all over come as we climb the mountains of life to the place of Victory at the top after fighting a long hard battle.
She has such joy in her face as she races to the top.
A battle I know she won to have this special day.
May she always have the joy in her face and heart through life as she climbs each mountain with victory.

I believe this photo is still apart of the same day of adventures as her rock climbing adventure.
Appears there was a little bike riding going on as well.
Which represents the miles she will travel and the growth she will have along the way.
As she grows into a mighty woman of God!
Lots of fun in the sun it appears.
What a little beauty she is.
I thank everyone who pours into her life and those of my other nine grandchildren as well;
That are helping them grow into the beautiful young people and future adults the Lord intends them to be.
Each one puts such huge smiles of love inside this heart of mine.
Thank you Jesus for each one of them.
For the pictures posted and shared that I might enjoy each one them and feel apart of their precious lives.

Do you live near or far from your family?'ehernandez1

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

beautiful granddaughter ;)
thanks for being faithful on your posts