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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 34


I am so thankful for color and for Melody coming and making me beautiful today after I finished up my clients. I feel so much better and look better too. Now I wont scare anyone! I truly am blessed to know that Lord is meeting all of my needs daily even the little things that don't seem to be a lot but can be the world to me like my color. Thank you Jesus!


I believe this is Johnson Creek here in Portland, Oregon.
I know I should know.
But I was in an area of town I knew nothing about or exactly where I was. it was so peaceful and beautiful there.
It was actually hidden away on the back side of some business buildings.
I was out with a friend as we was running errands around mid October. 
It was a lovely day. 
We were having so much fun!
it is amazing the places you can find in your own little back yard of your town where you live.
So much to explore and see.
And I'm sure we would never see it all either.
I go back to some of the places I grew up as a kid and am surprised to find new places that where tucked away that other friends knew about but I didn't.
I love exploring and see the world. I'm like a kid in a candy store.
Such rich beauty waiting for us to enjoy.
Just like this peaceful sitting here in my own little back yard in my town where I live.
I know will need to find out for sure what little Creek this is.
Hope this post finds you all doing well and blessed.

Do you like exploring your town and places around the area where you grew up?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

wow that is just amazingly beautiful I love places like that

here is the new blog I was telling you about

I agree we do need more pics made :) he will be coming home the end of the month I am so excited :) I am meeting in St. Louis