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Daily Journey

Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo A Day~

DAY 17

This just seemed like the perfect thing to post up with my thankful list as I look for all the things I am thankful for in the month of November. This is my calender at my salon at Parkview.

So this is also the first day of November and I am going to be posting at least one thing a day I'm thankful for! I had tried to do this the whole year long; I fail short this past year. But here we are at the most thankful month of the year once again. So no better place to start than today.

So I'm very thankful and grateful for the many blessing of each lady that comes to see me each week to get their hair done which provides me with great joy and happiness along with the means to make my money. I feel it is also my mission field of blessings. Thank you for this amazing ability and talent to do something I love Lord. It is a gift that keeps given to me in more ways than finical.

The lone flower!
 The end of the vibrant beauty
Crisp colors at the end of Fall.
That will soon be only a faint memory,
 Until Spring rolls around when the buds start popping through the melting cold of Winter.
I love the colors that hang on so tightly; 
Not wanting to let go of their splendor and beauty.
Strength that reflects how I feel.
Not wanting to let go!
Knowing that something better will be coming.
Hidden in the darkness of the cold Winter,
Waiting to grow and bloom,
Into the new life that awaits each of us;
In every new season.

Do you do a thankful list or grateful list in the month of November or year round?

1 comment:

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hello Beth! I smiled as I read this post, as I believe that God puts each of us right where He needs us most, as messengers of His love and blessings! My mother's weekly trips to the hairdresser were something she loved and looked forward to, as much for the visiting as for the freshly done hair. I know it was a blessing in her somewhat lonely life, and I'm certain you are a real joy to the people who come to see you each day!

Yes, I am doing 30 Days of Thankful posts on my blog and Facebook too... it makes me feel good and encourages others! Glad to see you'll be joining me! :-)