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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photo A Day

Day 41


I'm thankful to be able to set my own work schedule. So I am able to set it so all the ladies will be beautiful for all of the events of the season of celebrations with loved ones and family. And I as well be able to enjoy some time with family and friends with some add extra days of R&R. Praise the Lord for being my own boss!!!

Angry Bird

This was so irresistible!
I had noticed a day or two ago that there was this funny looking thing sitting at the neighbors door.
So of course I had to walk over there and check it out. And am I ever so glad I did. So darn cute! The funny thing is I love angry birds. I fell in love with the angry bird game on my phone and Ipad. Though sadly I hardly play it any longer. But I just thought this fellow was to irresistible not to get a photo of.

As you can tell I really liked him a lot. They used their pumpkin too. Amazing is the pumpkin has survived into Thanksgiving. Glad he has or I may not have had the chance to see him and get a snap of him. I didn't know that they made these items to decorate with. I really think that is rather clever.
From an angry bird fan. "ME"!!!!!

Do you use your pumpkins and other Halloween decorations into the Thanksgiving season?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

this is amazing :) love it!!!
Angry birds is a riot!
thanks for sharing this beauty

PS I use fall and halloween decos thru Thanksiving