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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 29


I am so thankful for answered prayers. And when He answers He answered with a boat load of beautiful clients today. Thank you everyone who has been praying for me. Please keep them held up. This is my first ever busy day in this shop after being there for 6 months. So extremely blessed. Loving what I do! Answered prayers are so amazing!!! Thank you thank you everyone!!!

Side Walk Beauty

It is always amazing to me the beauty we can find around us if we just slow down and stop and look around us.
God blesses us daily with hundreds and hundreds of gifts just waiting for us to discover and unwrap and enjoy.
Today I had many many gifts to unwrap and enjoy.
I'm sure I missed plenty of them too!
But walking up the side walk this evening the leafs were scattered and blown about.
It was a path of golden burnt beauty leading me to my front door.
Funny thing is I had this path to my car this morning as well. 
It just wasn't as thick and full as it was this evening.
I think we most have has a few real good gust of wind come through here several times knocking and blowing the leafs about and creating a golden burnt path for me.
I love it! But most be very careful as I walk when they are slick from the rain.
I seem to get more nervous than I use to re guarding things like this.
I love the rich colors of beauty that are still in the leafs.
The last of the Fall flowers as some call them.
A burst of beauty that brightens my day.
Scattered about my feet guiding me to the warmth of my home.

Late Afternoon Sky

As I was walking from the mailbox this evening I noticed what a beautiful sky line with the moon, the lights and just the grey blueness of the sky from the storm that was moving through what beauty it was creating.
The golden leafs scattered about the ground and those still hanging with all they have. The bareness of the ones that look as those they are reaching for the stars of the early evening sky.
Yes I would say this was yet another beautiful example of the gifts the Lord has set before me to enjoy.

Slow down 
Take a deep breathe
Look around
Smell the the beauty
See the sights before me
All hand painted 
For my enjoyment
Each leaf scattered
With a golden path
To the richness
Of the world 
For me to behold
Thank you Jesus!


A game I was playing on FB and thought I would share this items with you here on my blog this evening.
Some trivia is always fun to know about one another. Hope you enjoy.

I have been given the number 5 so here are 5 things you do not know about me:

1. I use to race cars on the dirt tracks in California 
2. I got paid to play California low ball
3. I wrote my first short story in the second grade and got an A+
4. I love flying kites
5. I was in the stage production of "Mary Poppins" at El Camino High

What is your favorite time of day?


Gilligan Maryanne said...

I love your fall pics!!
simply beautiful!!!
thanks for being faithful
couldn't get linky this time didn't have the extra cash :( we will pray that I get it so can do the linky again

Josie Two Shoes said...

Delighted to read that your customer base is starting to grow!God takes care of his own!

I loved the item on your list about writing your first short story, a true love of word-crafting that developed early, as did mine!