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Daily Journey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 217

I found this photo on my nephews Face Book photo page. I had no idea this picture existed.
I love it!
The two of them where the best of friends growing up.
I helped to raise my nephew from the time he was 6 years old until he graduated from school.
I'm so very proud of him.
This picture of him and CK brings tears to my eyes.
It is a tender moment of love between two buddies.
You can see the love they both have for one another.
Simple precious love and friendship; unconditional!

Tender Love Of Two Buddies

Do you ever find photos you never knew existed?


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I had some old 8mm tapes that my parents took back when she was pregnant with me. I just got them back last night from having them converted to DVD. So many pictures - moments in time - that I had never seen. Seeing my mom - so young - and pregnant with me and then footage of me at the youngest I have ever seen. I haven't seen snapshots of me at that age ever - all of it was so precious to me.

Thisisme. said...

I love the way you keep 'pinching' family photos off their facebook pages! Hee Hee! You're right though, it is a gorgeous photo, and CK has her eyes shut with the bliss of it all!!!

Rainbow said...

this is gorgeous!!! I love finding "old photos" and stories they can tell.

Thank you for sharing

Rainbow & Bob