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Daily Journey

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday Centus With Jenny Matlock

A little late but got it complete. This over whelming busy schedule leaves little time to blog or read. I thank you all for staying with me and I promise I will get to you all and read some when time permits. Many blessings.

This week we are doing a DIALOGUE story.

All dialogue. Period.

WORD COUNT - 150 WORDS PLUS THE SIX WORDS OF THE PROMPT. Total word count not to exceed 156 words.
THE PROMPT THIS WEEK IS: "Are you seriously ordering another martini?"

Did you see that beauty whirling around the dance floor?

Hey! The one in the red dress and the red stiletto's? Long dark flowing hair?

Yep! That is the one! She is the girl of my dreams.

Why do you say that?

She is drinking martini's and dancing the night away. Appears to be a girl after my own heart. She not only seems to love dancing and drinking martini's but is a free spirit as she whirls around with those stiletto's saying come dance with me.

Yep! You do like the free spirited martini drinking gals. Especially ones that wear stiletto's, that say come dance! Or is that order me another martini?!

Not necessarily! But..... that works for me.

Now that we have that figured out lets have another round for the good times.

Are you seriously ordering another martini?

Yes! A round for you and I and for the beauty on the dance floor!


Do you like to dance and drink martini's?

Jenny Matlock


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Beth,

I like to dance but don't like martini
red wine on the other hand........

Hope that you are having a good Tuesday.

x Fiona

Viki said...

Loved this. The conversation flowed so freely. Really good take on this prompt.

Kat said...

Nicely done! I could just picture this scene in my head, great job with the dialogue. Kat

Deborah said...

Drinking and dancing ... what could e better! :o)

Jenny said...

Beth, this was wonderful. I've been having a really difficult time leaving you a comment so I'm hoping this works!

I liked your dialogue here! I have been reading each one aloud from this weeks prompt and yours flowed beautifully.

Thanks for sharing it.