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Daily Journey

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Prompt ~ From Dodge Writes


Today's Prompt is colors of Autumn

The rules are you must use all of the colors in the list, in prose or any form of poetry...
Today's colors are...

Yellow is the color of the burning rays of light
Of the coming of Autumn 
That turn the beauty of the leafs
From emerald green, chartreuse
With the burning amber and gold sunlight
Making the burning colors of beauty
That sprinkle the countryside
In lush rich colors of the rustic
Amber's, golds, reds, browns,
With salmon color running through the veins
With the last flash of Summer end comes Autumn
With large emerald leafs wrapped snuggled around
The pumpkin's in the garden
Ready for the Fall harvest
With melon on the the table of the last
Summer picnic
I blush as I think of all the fisherman
As they reel their salmon catch in
With fish tales to tell
As they prepare to smoke the salmon
For season
And Summer turns into Autumn


What things excite you about Autumn?


JL Dodge said...

Wow Beth, you really rocked this one !
Thank you as always for joining in with us !!

Susie Swanson said...

Excellent poem Bethe, you are so good.