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Daily Journey

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Baby shower, family, friends,
Much joy!

I will be having a lovely weekend with my dear friend who is like family to me.
She will be coming home to Portland with me and spending the next ten to fourteen days with us.
I am so excited!
Hoping it doesn't rain on our parade!
As it is calling for rain in the forecast.
Didn't Summer just get here?
Have a great weekend!
This wont be linked up as I haven't figured out how to do this with my phone yet.
And then again it maybe...
Who knows I don't give up easily!

How is the weather where you live?


rainbow said...

Friends coming for a visit are the best times there are. Hope all goes well. As for the weather here, we are finally out of the triple digit heat now into the mid 80's for a week and it has been so nice. Our old record was for 23 days in '53, we now have had 50 days for over 100. We still have no moisture to speak of, 3.42" for this year and it should be around 17" by now and last year we had 29" all year. We have not had enough rain for even the weeds to grow this year. Sure ready for FALL this year.


rainbow (Momma Lyn)

Self Sagacity said...

you're lucky, one day i hope to be saying the same.

Kasi said...

Hope you have an awesome weekend! :)

That corgi :) said...

It did link up since I'm visiting from 6-word Saturday. Sounds like you are having a good weekend, enjoy the rest of it! Our weather is pretty nice down here; about 72 degrees today, but warming up in the days ahead.


Fi said...

You obviously figured out how to link it up :-)

Sounds like a fun weekend ahead for you. The weather where I am is absolutely gorgeous, spring is here, 26 degrees celcius.

Hope the rain holds off for you, have a lovely weekend