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Daily Journey

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Centus With Jenny Matlock

Jenny Matlock
WORD COUNT - Up to 100 words AND the 3 words of the prompt (103 total maximum words - For those of you that want more words please feel free to link up multiple stories!)

As my homework sat on the table
All I could think about was going out
Mother would never let me go out before home work was completed and checked
It had to be done right and complete
If it wasn't done right, one had to do it all over again
I couldn't focus today because.....
All I wanted to do was go out with the other kids
Mom said I wasn't the other kids
And that I must do things the right way
The way she wanted
That was the right way if I was to succeed in this life
Which meant doing my chores and homework before extra curricular activities
Play time was after all chores and homework was finished not a minute before
Today I was going to ask, "Mother May I please go out before my work is done?"

~Beth ~

Did your parents make you finish your chores and homework before you were allowed out to play as a child?


Judie said...

Unfortunately, my parents did not monitor my homework until there was a note from the teacher. Then my mother blamed me for not following her instructions, which she never had given. Actually, she was just too busy to be bothered. Fortunately, I was smart enough to get by on my own. When my own children came along, it was a different story. They sat at the kitchen table, doing their homework until I was satisfied that it had been completed.

gautami tripathy said...

I as a teacher like it that you take care of you children about the HW bit too..


Dazee Dreamer said...

oh man. yes, my parents never worried about my homework. but I think while there is still nice weather, it's ok for kids to go out before their homework is done.

Jo said...

My dad was a teacher ... he made sure homework and chores came first ... but he also broke that rule for us on the odd occasion!

Karen S. said...

Oh yes you may! Doris day singing. so cool! Love that Mom used to sing it to us!

Jenny said...

Sounds like my parents.

And for us...


It was always work, work, work. Homework, chores, mowing the lawn, scrubbing and toiling.

Honestly, if I would have been blonde and cute I'd have thought I was Cinderella!