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Daily Journey

Friday, September 9, 2011

Prompt 3: Phrase or Slang (PS) - COME UP TRUMPS

Prompt 3: Phrase or Slang (PS) - COME UP TRUMPS

A new month of acrostic's. Every month a new batch of words and challenges are released for us to work with. Please go check them out over at:

Congratulations are in order
Over the top excitement
Magnificent show of hands
Elation of great accomplishment

Using each skill learned
Pursuing ones life dream

Talent turned into success
Raising ones bar a notch
Using every skill available
Masterfully utilizing talents, skills
Provision taken in advance
Smoothing out every detail

~ Beth ~

Are you having issues with blogger?


Karen S. said...

Great word of wisdom, again, thank - you! Blogger has been pretty good, although still there are some bloggers that I can't leave a comment on (Blogger issues) some I was commenting on all the time, then grrrr I can't! One of those (I keep trying to comment) I finally can comment on again? So what is up with that? Also if I want to comment on my own post, now I have to insert my name and url....what's up with that extra work? A couple of blogs I follow have created new blogs and for some reason blogger won't let me comment on that. This all began after that few days that blogger was you remember that? Hopefully as they always say, they are working to fix things! Have a great weekend!

sam said...

Wow!! simply fantastic! :)

Saras said...

Very well prepared acrostic nicely conceived.

Nanka said...

Well Beth, I can see you have masterfully utilized your skills and talent!! :)