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Daily Journey

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prompt 4: Children's Corner (CC) – BOOGEYMAN

Prompt 4: Children's Corner (CC)BOOGEYMAN

A new month of acrostic's. Every month a new batch of words and challenges are released for us to work with. Please go check them out over at:

Bad dreams that scare
Orbiting around the room
Oh mommy please help
Gorey creatures that frighten
Each taunting my dreams
Yawning for some rest
Mommy bangs the walls
Alluring each monster away
Nasty dreams are gone

~ Beth ~

When you where little did you have bad dreams? Did your mom bang the walls and scary the boogeyman away?


Ben Ditty said...

I had a dream once that I couldn't stop eating the people I loved. So I guess I was my own boogeyman ;-)

rainbow said...

When I was growing up most of the time it was just my Mom and me. Dad was off working the big construction job (oil refineries, missile silos, any big jobs all over the US) mostly through the winter. Mom always made me feel so safe I can not remember a bad dream til I was out on my own in the big world with a new husband. Guess I had the best childhood any one could dream of. THANK YOU LORD FOR MY UPBRINGING, MY MOM AND DAD and MOST OF ALL MY FAMILY.

rainbow (Momma Lyn)