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Daily Journey

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 10: Children's Literature

Short Story Slam Week 10: Children's Literature

Image Credit: M. R. M. :

Come play
Come sing and dance
Forlick through the garden of
Childhood dreams and musical play
Come see the children waltz
Through the daisy's of joy and laughter
As they sing the songs of childhood dreams
As they play
Fluttering through the garden of
As butterflies flutter twinkle dust of 
Childhood dreams of royal play
Where school doesn't exist 
Only on the play ground of  
Sparkling diamonds of dreams
Made for childhood play
As each leap and jump with joy
Through the field of
Cows that dance and jump over the moon
Mushrooms are castles
Fit for a King
Where Donald Duck is
The King of the field of daisy's
Where each critter is apart of his court
Questioning where is the court photographer
As each plays and forlicks through the garden of childhood
Dreams and play
Wondering who will be King tomorrow
As each one flutters to a song and dance
As the birds chirp their
Songs of love
In childhood play
Come sing and dance to the
Laughter and play of
Childhood dreams and make believe

~Beth ~

Do you like to play in the land of make believe with your children and grandchildren?
What was your favorite make believe place when you where a child?

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Morning said...

This is inviting and playful.

Enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

an enjoyable and happy tunes! :)

Isadora said...

I love this line,"As butterflies flutter twinkle dust". I can visually see the twinkle dust falling like sparkles all around. Your words paint a visual picture.
Very nice,

Jeanie McBain said...

happy and playful nicely done :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, playful poem. Very nice!

marit said...

Upbeat and playful :)

The Orange Tree said...

what fun, good to read aloud.

e.a.s. demers said...

this is lovely :-)