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Daily Journey

Monday, September 12, 2011

PlayDate ~ Kitchen Cosmetology

Saturday was kitchen cosmetology at my sisters house.
She had called Friday before I headed out the door for work.
What are you doing?
I chuckled and asked why?
She said it is about that time again for a perm
So Saturday I got up early and put things together to go spend the weekend with my sisters,
I always have so much fun when I do.
Though I knew this weekend was going to be a fun filled working weekend doing hair.
Funny thing is my sisters aren't ones to fuss over their appearance of hair.
So when they want me to come and do their hair I am honored.
It is always filled with lots of laughter....
Oh that is painful.
Like I tell them beauty has a price.
It is painful sometimes to get your hair done.
It is the price of beauty!
Especially if your not one to be fussed over and having someone tugging a bit on your hair to get it to do what they want.
I always laugh about that too.
It is funny to me!
I love doing hair and I love getting mine done.
Though there are a few things that aren't fun about getting your hair done.
The odors and smells of products.
Not such nice perfume at all!
 I always say smells like "Money"!
The drench feeling you have after a perm or color sometimes.
I call that the free shower or bath.
Comes free with every service if you'd like I can arrange that.
I always say one must have a bit of humor doing this job.
And some humor if you come in as well.
Or is that with any job?
Yes it is!
Humor is a bit of good medicine!

I always look forward to the times my sisters and I spend together.
Just before heading out the door sister called once again.
Where are you?
Thinking that is a really dumb question.
I said well...
You called the house I'm home!
Still laughing.
I asked why?
She informed me that Cori wanted her hair done.
Okay good I haven't left.
Headed out to garage to fill yet another bag with more perm rods.
So glad everything is labeled in the garage and organized after the garage nightmare.
Made finding the perm rods so much easier.

The drive down is always a lovely drive through the Gorge.
Even with all the fires that are burning in the area; it is still beautiful!
Even with those hazy smokey skies.
Made for a beautiful sunset though.
Wish I had snapped a picture of that.

When I got there I permed both my sisters hair and her daughters.
Colored my youngest sisters hair.
Trimmed the babies hair and both my sisters.
Then colored mine.
Total heads that where enhanced with the beauty God already gave them "5".
Thank you Lord for this skill and talent!
We had a very full day!
We had many laughs and giggles as the day went.
Each one an adventure with a great memory made.

Pizza for dinner!
Movie night as well.
Bed early.
Up early and heading home.
It was a weekend of fun filled beauty.

I have been so blessed since the sisters have moved closer.
Though it seems this year we haven't had as many visits as last year.
I think we will have to change that.
I have always wanted to be near my sisters to spend more time with them.
Last year almost every weekend with them. This year not so much.
Funny when we are young we want to run far from our families.
The older we get the more we want to run to them.
I am so thankful and grateful to leave near all of my siblings.
Now if I could somehow figure out how to live near the girls and their families that would be perfection.


Psalm 33: 13-15

The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of His dwelling He looks On all the inhabitant's of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works.

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Have you ever done kitchen cosmetology?

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Judie said...

For many years, I took care of my grandmother's hair, cutting and perming it. I never had to color it, because she was blessed with only about five gray hairs on her head. She was 72 when she died and she still had only those five gray hairs and the rest were a beautiful dark, dark brown!!

rainbow said...

Thanks for sharing such GREAT times, it brings back such heart warming memories of my Mom, her sister (the beauty operator) and me getting our hair done when we went to see my grandparents. SOOOO much fun.


rainbow (Momma Lyn)

Thisisme. said...

Sounds as if you had a real fun time with your sisters my friend. How I envy you having sisters that you can meet up with and have fun with. As an only child, I miss out on all that. :( Thankfully I do have my two lovely daughters :)

Paige said...

always wanted a sister - still do - enjoy

Nita Davis said...

What a fun time! Reminds me my sister,grandson and husband have all requested appointments this Sunday in my kitchen salon. Mostly I just do cuts and color but my daughter had me bleach her hair this weekend, first and last time I do bleach! lol
By the way I have chosen you to receive The Versatile Blogger award.
Please do come visit my blog at and pass on the love.

Laura said...

THis sounds like the funnest time in the kitchen ever! What a sweet tradition to have with your sisters. Love imagining you blessing them til their hair curls! :) Very sweet.