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Daily Journey

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unexpected Changes

Well yesterday was filled with a comedy of errors and unexpected turns and twist.
Not sure how I exactly feel about some of it.
Though I can surely tell you I am not thrilled by any means at all.
I had to get up and going early yesterday morning as i had an appointment with a friend on his Last Will & Testament. We were to have it signed and notarized.
He didn't make it where we were to meet.
So Instead we earned up meeting him over the Aging Disability Office instead.
Which worked out rather well for him.
He had released his caregiver and had no one to work for him.
He is a triple amputee and requires a full time caregiver.
I use to work for him for eleven years.
I was so stressed by the time I had been let go from that job. I was grateful I no longer was working.
Well yesterday somehow I ended up being re-hired and working for him. Was not thrilled. They want me to work until eleven at night. YIKES! And I get up at five for my other jobs doing hair. Oh dear!
Then I would be working seven days a week plus being on call 24 hours. But only paid for 94 hours a month. Jeez!
He is a friend and I do love him. But this is a lot and one of the reason many care givers get so burned out. A very high demanding job. I still am a burn out on this job.
He is dying and has been given only months to live.
He really just wants those around him that he loves.
Which I keep telling myself this is a short term job.
It is going to be more stressful and emotional than the first time around.
He has cancer.
I have several fears with working on this job. It will require me to deal with some issues I have no desire to deal with at all. He is a heavy drinker. OH NO! And the chance of me finding him tears me up.
Yet I do realize that me being there will help him and I can pray with him and just love him.
It is extremely hard to care for someone with so many disabilities and then this added.
My friend is so special and dear to me.
If you could please keep him and all those caring for him and myself in your prayers and thoughts I surely would appreciate it.
I may not be on much but will try and keep up.
This job is to last through November...maybe longer.
He is a fighter and I do pray he does live longer. But I also don't want him to suffer either. He is already in much pain.
It is very hard to see him like that.
I know the Lord has a plan and great sense of humor. Or I wouldn't be back to work for him.
I know I would only want those who love me and care for me to be those caring for me if I was in his shoes.
So bare with me in the months ahead as I walk this new journey in my life. My days will be filled.
As Thursday I start working at the other salon for the lady who is going to be having surgery. I will be working there for the next three months as well.
So I have my salon, my other care giving job, the new salon doing fill work on Thursday and working for my friend full time and that doesn't even include my Mary Kay business. Oh Lord I will need strength wisdom and direction and plenty of peace and rest in the mist of this all. I hoping I get some sleep in the months ahead and that I will have the stamen to do all I have on my plate. Not to mention I will be going to the dentist and having dental work through all of this nightmare as well. I will be losing one of my teeth from the fall. They have scheduled me to have my one tooth removed on Tuesday this coming week. Oh what fun!
I also have many other interesting things going on as well. I'm sure this is a nightmare I will soon be waking from.

Do you ever wonder how your plate gets over whelming and how it happened?


Thisisme. said...

My goodness me Bethe, I like your comment about God having a sense of humour. He must have, to put all this on you! My goodness, (again!), I do hope that you will be alright, working all those hours and having so much to cope with. I'm worried about you really. It does seem an awful lot for one person. I shouldn't think you will have much time for blogging my dear friend! Take care, and please try to rest a little whenever you can.

melody-mae said...

oh sweetie. I am sorry sometimes it seems that God gives us more than we can handle but, we are reassured in the bible that he NEVER gives us more than we can. I know this must be hard right now to take care of someone you care about knowing he is dying. I will uplift you and pray for strength as you go through the next few months.

your friend always,

Rainbow said...

just stopping by to say...I love all of your blogs from the last few days while I was gone. They are beautiful. I will get caught up on commenting.

Hugs n Love

rainbow said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you as usual but even more as you take on all this extra. Be still and know God is in control and will make it all work out right. Don't forget to REST any chance you get. LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

I will be praying for you during these changes, trials, tribulations. You know God only gives you what he knows you can handle. And with him in your corner, you can do great things. God has put you where you were meant to be with regard to your dieing friend. It will not be easy but you will be able to be there for your friend, to pray for him, with him and to show him Gods love. Take care of yourself though too. Because you can't help others if you dont help yourself.