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Daily Journey

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Morning In Klamath Fall

Good morning!
Everyone is still in bed sleeping here.
Thought this would be a great tie to pop in and give an up date to my travels.
The baby shower yesterday was so lovely!
We all had so much fun!
She made a haul!
I will be doing a post on that sometime this week I'm sure; if I can find some time.
As you know my schedule is over whelming.
Though I am enjoying this break right now in Klamath Falls.
I learned to play a new game as well yesterday.
It is called ball throw I believe. I will have to get back to back to that one if it is the wrong name. It is a wonderful yard game. I had to go purchase one to take home I liked it so much.
We watched the movie "Thor" last evening.
I must say it would not have been my choice. But it is an excellent movie and I enjoyed it very much. Very good movie.
Today am hoping to drive up to Crater Lake when everyone gets moving here.
Then I will have some beautiful photos to share I'm sure.
I will start the trek home on Monday morning.
Bringing my girlfriend back for a visit for at least a week or more.
Please keep us in your prayers as we travel back to Portland.
Thank you ever so much!
We should have a lovely time.
Trying to decide what way to go. I need to find out where all the fires are so I can make sure we are safe and the roads are open.
Have a blessed Sunday!
Hope to catch up with everyone in the week ahead.
Thank you for always stopping by and leaving notes and even if you don't I appreciate you dropping in.

How is your weekend rounding out?


Nita Davis said...

Have a safe trip home. Hope you had a good time at Crater Lake. Just thinking about it makes me kind of home sick. Crater Lake and Lake of the Woods were two of my favorite escape spots when we lived in Medford.

Rainbow said...

Hope your home safe and sound and that your Sunday was great!!! Looking forward to the photos.

Love n blessings