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Daily Journey

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Thought/Poem

Today I had tears flowing down my face for no apparent reason. As I sat there this thought came across my mind.
I shared it on Face Book today.
With that in mind I had several comment. Some even shared it upon their page, I was honored.
But Susie over at Country Side Poet suggested I write a poem.
Well indeed I did and thank you Susie!
If you haven't meet or checked out her work; Please do she is a very gifted and talented poet.  You wont be disappointed. 

Sometimes tears just flow with unknown reason! Gods little diamonds

As I sit the tears flow
First one then another
One by one
With unknown reason
Glistening with facets of beauty
Unknown struggles pain and love
They streak my cheeks
One by one 
Captured in the jar
Of God's love
His little diamonds
Held tightly in His love
Polished with His gentle grace
His precious diamonds
The tears that flow
Unknown gifts of beauty
Held tightly in His love
Each a stained tear gift
Of rare beauty to behold
These tears that flow
One by one
With unknown reason
A glistening diamond to behold
In the hands that hold me

~ Beth ~

Do you ever have tears that flow for no apparent reason?


My Inspired Space said...

Thanks for commenting on my post and my gift...I loved this poem and I am going to share it on my Facebook as a Note to my friends...contributed to your blog of course...It was beautiful....

a bench with a view said...

This is so beautiful; I like how you wrote about tears. Sometimes crying/tears are viewed with negativity, that it is not good to cry, crying makes one weak, etc. But I find tears to be very healing and soothing at times and I am reminded that God does keep a jar of our tears (or in my case, I like to think I'll see a lake in heaven with my name on it with all my tears). I frequently have tears that flow for no reason and conversely also for reasons.

I am glad you wrote such a poem and shared it. May your day be a kind one.

Susie Swanson said...

Oh Bethe this is so beautiful and touching. You have such a beautiful way of expressing your feelings and tears. Tears are beautiful diamonds that God puts in a jar, wiped from an angel's face. You are a truly gifted angel. Thank you sooo much for posting my blog. I love you and your beautiful poem.. Blessings to you my dear friend.. Susie

Thisisme. said...

I agree Bethe, that poem is so beautiful and very touching. You do have a lovely way with words.

Linda said...

Very Lovely Poem Beth!!!

What a gift you have with words and feelings! You expressed yourself so beautifully here.

I feel like sometimes tears just have to spill out from within us, and release the pent up feelings.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits