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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Candid Moments

Morning Crow 

January 21,2014
Gresham, Oregon
This morning when leaving the house for work I looked straight up into the beautiful blue sky.
There in the tree I saw the black crow looking around. 
And stretching in the sun.
Soaking up all the sun beams he could get!
With the limbs bare on the tree I could see him as he perched on top of the branch as though surveying his surrounds.
He squawked and stretched and soaked up some more rays. 
I stood in amazement as I watched this bird.
Thinking I really need to get to work and not watch this bird and his mischief.

January 21,2014
Gresham, Oregon
 So as I started to roll my basket of towels and tools to the car out in the parking lot.
I took one more look and wished I was free to fly.
To sit in the sun and gaze into the blue yonder soaking up the sun rays.
But...knowing I had ladies waiting and smiles of beauty to spread,
I had to move on from this delightful sight and get my day started.
What a gift I found as I stepped out the door this morning.
A small piece of heaven
Sent to remind me that this is the day the Lord has made and we shall rejoice in it!
Just as this crow was.

Thank you Lord for the gift of beauty in everything that is before us.

Do you see gifts in your day that are simple and ordinary but you find richness in them?

With all my post this year I will be adding my "Joy Dare" as part of my post.
You can check out "A Holy Experience". 
Ann is an amazing writer and so up lifting and has many helps to help you grow spiritually.

January Joy Dare

Day 21
A gift in the sky, water, memory

The gift in the sky would be the birds flying about this morning in the crisp blue sky with the sun breaking through the fog.
Water that I drink and am thankful that I have fresh running clean water that I am able to drink straight from the facet.
My memory of how beautiful and park like my apartment use to be before they sold and took out all the beautiful shrubs, trees, flowers, etc. I recently ran across some of those photos before and it was so lovely here. Soon I will have my own yard full of shrubs, trees, flowers, etc. Thankful for the memory and all the gifts of the day.

A Holy Experience


Karen S. said...

Lovely post. I too have crows, and they are a delight in so many ways, but also a great help. They seem to feast upon, and take away, much of my doggies poop. Seriously! The frozen ones anyway, so it's wonderful to see how nature just keeps taking care of itself.

Susie Swanson said...

What a lovely way to start the day. We have alot of them around here but it's funny how one never takes the time to notice the little things. Your post really makes me think about the beauty in the surroundings. I love your Joy Dare. Blessings and love to you.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

this is beautiful love getting
to see birds first thing in the morning, just Sunday I saw 2 pair of Blue birds looking for a nesting place, this weekend I am going to get them a couple nesting boxes
thanks for sharing