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Daily Journey

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Candid Moments

Hot Chocolate

Silk Espresso
Gresham, Oregon
January 18, 2014
My sweet friend Edie called up yesterday afternoon and asked if I would like to meet her for hot chocolate.
Well of course I would love too!
We wanted to meet at the donut shop in the shopping center near me.
I walked over and found them closed.
She arrived a few minutes later.
There is a wonderful little coffee shop on the corner on the other end so we walked over there to visit and have hot chocolate.
I have had wonderful coffee over there and they have wonderful little treats as well.
It is called: 
Silk Espresso
3030 SE 242nd Dr, Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 666-4716
They had the tables set with cute little fresh flowers in mason jars.
Just loved it!

Silk Espresso
Gresham, Oregon
January 18, 2014
 We had our hot chocolate and it was extremely yummy and very rich!
Edie had a scone and I had a lemon bar.
Let me tell you they were yummy!
I think it may have been better than the donut shop we had planned on going to originally.
Sure need to walk after this little treat!

Silk Espresso
Gresham, Oregon
January 18, 2014
Just another view of the beautiful flowers that were sitting on our table.
I love flowers and I just love how they made it feel so homey and relaxing.
It was a great afternoon with my friend Edie, thank you for the invite the treat my friend.

Do you enjoy hot chocolate in the late Winter afternoons?

With all my post this year I will be adding my "Joy Dare" as part of my post.
You can check out "A Holy Experience". 
Ann is an amazing writer and so up lifting and has many helps to help you grow spiritually.

January Joy Dare

Day 19
3 Gifts that might never have been

1. Tonight's dinner that I'm making.. Sounds strange but if I hadn't walked by the freezer section where the bag of frozen meat balls where located I wouldn't have decided on the dinner we are having this evening...nor would we have ever had it! Something new! Cooking with Alfredo sauce, broccoli, and vegetable noodles. 
2. Doing the Joy Dare that I found via my blog that Carol Miller encouraged me to start doing back in November 2010. Along that path I have found many challenges that have grown me in many ways. Found amazing friends that I look forward to meeting. Have expressed myself through my writing and have built an amazing blog that I enjoy very much. Thank you Carol for that encouragement to write. I share so much there. It is a relaxing release and a great way to express ones self. 
3. Reconnecting with old friends from school and places I have lived had it not been for opening a page with Face Book that my nephew Jonathan Good helped me with. It all started with My space that he and I would play on and he taught me so much. I have had so much fun with Social Media.

A Holy Experience


Karen S. said...

Unexpected little gifts, like a call from a friend, and changing your plans and discovering by doing it, another awesome gift. Very nice!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a great day you had..
Flowers are such a happy picture.
Can't do much walking around here, unless you put snow shoes on..