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Daily Journey

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Candid Moments

Late Lunch

Fairview, Oregon
January 9,2014
 Last Thursday I the wonderful opportunity after work to get together with one of my girlfriends I hadn't seen in months.
We went to school together so we have been friends for a very long time.
One of the neat things about moving back here to Oregon that has occurred for me over the past fifteen years is re-connecting with old friends and classmates. 
It has been so awesome!
You know there is something about our childhood friends.
They know us in a way no others really do or ever will.
We laugh like teenage girls when we get together.
I just love it!
She wanted to go to the little coffee shop she likes. 
Interestingly enough it has been a place on my list to check out....but never have.
I'm so glad we went there it was awesome!
Owners are sweet hearts open friendly Christian environment.
Good food relaxing.
A wonderful place to recommend and support!

Fairview, Oregon
Fairview Creek
January 9,2014
The owner took us into a room that was an office that was being used.
Wanted to show us her beautiful view.
This is Fairview Creek that runs through her property.
It also runs through the apartment complex my girlfriend lives in. 
I have taken many a photos of it where she lives. 
Apparently it has changed its course a fee times from what she was sharing with us.
It was a beautiful view and enjoyed talking with her and telling us about the creek and so many other things about the property. She really knew her history on it.
Had old photos and knew the children of the original family that owned this wonderful little spot in the world.

Fairview, Oregon
January 9,2014
Randi & I
Two old friends acting silly and having fun!
We took several selfie photos laughing so hard!
We did do some catching up, as we waited upon our lunch and drinks.
I told Randi it would most likely take us six months to catch up; then we would have to start all over again because I would have so much more to share.

Fairview, Oregon
January 9,2014
My half of a very delicious turkey on a croissant bun.
Dripping with cream cheese and cranberry sauce.
Check out the table if you can see a bit of it....
It is a clock!

Fairview, Oregon
January 9,2014
Randi totally enjoying her half of the amazing sandwich.
Not sure which one of us enjoyed it more.
It was very good and very filling!
Glad we split it!
Noway could Ive eat it all by myself.
It was really hard to wrap your mouth around the entire sandwich.
Not sure how either of us actual did it.
But we managed and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Fairview, Oregon
January 9,2014
 Loved the sign above the door and below the exit sign.
I know it did for me!

Fairview, Oregon
January 9,2014
 Loved the late afternoon leisurely lunch.
The visit and the history of the quaint little spot down the road not far from my neighborhood.
Yes! You see right...
It is a Real Estate office as well.
She works with her son and other family members.
If you are ever in the neighborhood,
 Might I suggest stopping by for a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich you wont forget.
Plan to stay and visit a bit.
i assure you that you wont be disappointed that you did.
This is a uniquely one of a kind place.
Welcoming and full of hospitality and love.
Looking forward to stopping in again in the near future.

Fairview, Oregon
Fairview Creek
January 9,2014
 So just before we got into the car to head back home.
We had to stop and look at the creek one more time.
And I forgot to mention there is a face on this tree.
Though it was late and we couldn't see it.
So we surely must go back for that.
I have to see the face on the tree!
I must have the picture of the face on the tree!
As many of you know.....I just love trees!
So this one is unique just as the coffee shop is.
She had to save the tree when they had to cut limbs off so that she could preserve the face on the tree.
Something to watch for in upcoming adventures and post.

Below is some info on the wonderful little coffee house:

Divine Mocha Inc
Address: 2010 Fairview Ave, Fairview, OR 97024
Phone:(503) 489-6996

Do you enjoy finding special little places rich and history?

With all my post this year I will be adding my "Joy Dare" as part of my post.
You can check out "A Holy Experience". 
Ann is an amazing writer and so up lifting and has many helps to help you grow spiritually.

January Joy Dare

Day 15 A gift worn, given away, shared

Well I know I have two of these figured out. But the middle one not so sure. Hmmm..... I will have to think upon this one a bit.

My gift worn was my coat when i went outside today. I was going to just wear my sweater. But it was much to cold for that. So my coat with my scarf is my gift that I'm thankful I had to put on today to stay warm.
Given away is the love I have for my family and friends. I try to give that love to each of them daily in some shape or form. So I daily give away my love to all those in my circle of family and friends. And just by chance if your in my circle I may just give you a bit of love too.
Shared was the wonderful lunch at Burgerville with Mary McCormick Loomis this afternoon. Called her and asked if she wanted to share a burger. I have a card where when you buy one you get one free. So we shared lunch and about tow hours of visiting. What a blessing. Thank you Mary for coming out and having lunch with me today.
I truly am a rich a blessed lady!

A Holy Experience

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