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Daily Journey

Monday, January 6, 2014

Kyah And I Wrote A Poem

Found this in a pile of papers.
  I wrote this with one of my grandchildren Kyah for a school assignment, we did it together.
We actually did it over the phone. 
As she lives in one state and I in another.
But was so honored she had asked me to help.
Glad I found this and had kept it.

1. There is a piece of paper in my pocket
2. Crumbled with thoughts
3. As i reach inside pocket
4. I feel my phone 
5. Which holds all my information
6. With jiggling coins
7. Nestled inside my pocket
8. Along side my crumbled piece of paper
9. I grab my crumbled paper
10. I read my notes
11. That contain my poem
12. Which reads
13. The diamonds of dirt
14. With nine players on the field
15. Batter up!!
16. Home runs come in one by one
17. One two three your out!
18. Nine innings to play
19. Who's the winner?
20. The girls of Summer
21. I'm the winner
22. My crumbled piece of paper in my pocket

~Kyah & Mema~


My amazing beautiful granddaughter Kyah!
She does play baseball and loves it. 
She plays year round.

Do you keep papers for to long and then have to go through them and find surprises in them?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

this is beautiful Bethe, thanks for sharing