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Daily Journey

Monday, January 6, 2014

Candid Moments

Tunnel Beauty

Old Scenic Hwy
Columbia Gorge Foot trail
January 2014
Last week on one of my many adventures I was out with my friend Carol and we stopped at the foot trail head at the tunnel on the Old Scenic Hwy.
I love this bridge as it use to be actually the original Hwy. To preserve it they restored it and made it a foot trail. Which they have done in many spots on the Old Scenic Hwy in the Columbia Gorge. Some of it you can still drive. Other parts are now made into walking trails. What a great way to preserve the past and enjoy it in the present.

Old Scenic Hwy
Columbia Gorge Foot trail
January 2014
Both photos are in the same tunnel just taken at different depths and love how the lighting came out in both yet so different. I think this one is my favorite. I am learning so much as I play with my camera. I really think taking a class would help me so very much. 

Do you like taking several photos of the same thing to see what you come out with and which one you like the best?

With all my post this year I will be adding my "Joy Dare" as part of my post.
You can check out "A Holy Experience". 
Ann is an amazing writer and so up lifting and has many helps to help you grow spiritually.

January Joy Dare

Day 6 
One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart
My bag has lots in it! So I think I will say Im thankful for my ID inside my wallet that needs to be renewed this year.
Inside my fridge Im thankful for the meat that we were blessed with at Christmas. It will see us through the month. Thank you thank you!
Inside my heart is over whelming joy and love for all those in my life that add so much to life everyday by just being apart of it. Thank you Lord for blessing me with amazing family and friends.

A Holy Experience

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