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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Candid Moments

A Staircase

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
I love the Columbia Gorge and all the beautiful beauty it hold and the rich history.
This was one of my very first trips in January with my dear friend Carol.
We had just finished up lunch and was driving east on the scenic hwy.
Stopped at the foot bride going into the walking tunnel. This set of stairs leads to more beauty.
One that I'm not quite ready to under take at this time.
Maybe in the late Spring or Summer. 
Much to wet and moss lots to slip on.
Still working on stairs, They aren't my favorite things to do at this point.
They are steep and very old.
Love how they are just built right into the rock wall.
Everything is so natural to the surroundings.

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
 Apart of the old hwy here where we walk up to the tunnel.
Thought this would make a beautiful picture.
You can see all the foliage that grows on the rocks and into the stairs.
The moss on the old bridge.
A perfect looking glass half moon.

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
 This shows the depth of the staircase and how it winds and is nicely tucked away into the rock wall of the scenery here on the Gorge. There is a creek bed below and if memory is right it does lead to yet another Falls one of many. I believe I read that there are over 300 cascading waterfalls in this area alone. 
I one day hope to say that I have seen and hiked them all. 
A bucket list item for sure!

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
 Miss Carol looking at the beauty below. I know she was taking in many of the scenes and taking lots of photos as I was.
It was a great day and so enjoyed our time together and the beauty God created for us to enjoy.

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
 Wondering if she thinks she may take a stroll down the staircase.
I know I wanted too.
But ....not at this time.
Something to look forward to in the future.
You see there is a little bench there for one to sit and take a rest as well. Tucked neatly right into the rocks as it it actually belonged there.
I'm sure in the early days it was a place where many travelers most likely stopped and had a picnic as they headed east or to Portland.

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
 I think Carol isn't going to do the stairs.
Love her walking stick. 
I so want to get one like this.
Her sweet hubby got that for her.
It appears as though some other travelers ventured down to the water bed below.
It was a very cool and crisp day. 
My hands where numb just from taking photos.
I couldn't feel my finger tips at all.

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
Some Travelers
 As you see the staircase has wonderful wrought iron rails to guide you down and back up safely.
Looks like the other travelers below are enjoying their day and the creek bed below. 
Lots of rocks!
Wet and slippery!
Hope they are careful and don't slip.
Dangers lurk around this time of year with rushing water, fallen trees and other hidden natural wonders created by nature.
The storms leave all kinds of hidden dangers.

January 2014
Old Scenic Highway
Columbia Gorge
Miss Carol Looking so happy and full of joy!
I do believe we had a wonderful day!
Though this wasn't the end of the trip or our adventures.
We still had another one awaiting us, just up the road at Horsetail Falls.
It is a blessing to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
Not far from home in any direction one can take a mini vacation,
Get lost and forget about the problems one faces daily along with the world problems.
Relax, refresh, and enjoy!
Knowing that everything will look much better after some time away from the struggles of life, as you connect to God, nature, and good friends.
Washing all the blues away and taking a fresh look into the beauty that surrounds us.
I am so blessed to have many friends who enjoy the beauty and a good adventure.
And I am always up for a road trip with adventures with friends.
Time with the Lord to mediate on what He has for me.
To hear His sweet whispers of love and direction for my life.
Thank you Miss Carol for coming this day and making it even more fun!

What are your favorite things to do to break away and get refreshed and relaxed to face the world?

With all my post this year I will be adding my "Joy Dare" as part of my post.
You can check out "A Holy Experience". 
Ann is an amazing writer and so up lifting and has many helps to help you grow spiritually.

January Joy Dare

Day 14~ 3 Startling graces of God 

This is everyday we have these if you look for them and He will show up and startle us.

1. Well my first startling grace was first thing this morning when I was getting ready for work and my beautiful friend Crystal N Koch called and prayed with me first thing and encouragement me. Well....don't you know that was God prompting her to check in and knew to pray with me personally. I thank God she has the heart and to her God speak and act upon it. Thank you Crystal!
2. Arriving to work and seeing that my appointments are always perfect for the day. One perm rescheduled, Got another one done. New client from the Independent adult living center next door. Very happy lady named Alice! A blow dry that wasn't scheduled and a haircut beard cleaning done that wasn't scheduled along with an upper lip wax. And one cancellation. God never ceases to amaze me and was home early afternoon. With a nice booking for Thursday at the shop as well. Thank you Lord!
3. That the complex is going to be dealing with the garbage issue that was becoming a health issue here. Though with comes new rules to follow and guidelines. With expense to the residents of course. But am pleased it is being dealt with. Thank you Lord that was a bit concerning. 

Over all much to be grateful and thankful for everyday!
What about you?

A Holy Experience


Karen S. said...

What an amazingly lovely place.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

bethe, this is so beautiful!!!
thanks for sharing!!! love n hugs