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Daily Journey

Friday, January 3, 2014

Candid Moments

Lighted Beauty

Portland, Oregon
December 21, 2013
Cleaning up cameras and getting them ready for all the photos of 2014 and the adventure's ahead.
I love the Christmas lights of the Grotto and had several of them I hadn't seen or posted.
The one above truly caught my eye.
The cloud of light above the church is amazing to me.
Or is that the pine tree with the light hitting creating a natural beauty in the night light?
Oh I do believe it is the pine tree!

Which is creating even more peaceful heavenly beauty.
I so do love this picture!

Of course I love how they have the church lite up and all the people headed in to hear the concerts that will be performed. It was a lovely night.

Portland, Oregon
December 21, 2013
 This one is a close up of the lights on the church and you can see the beautiful stain glass windows.
I love this place and I always find such peace here.
When you visit this beautiful area might I suggest you pop on over and enjoy the peaceful sanctuary and solitude at the Grotto.
The prayer room and the gardens are wonderful.
A view of the city that is breathe taking.

Do you hold onto lots of photos then find you have to delete or download until you can go through them all?

With all my post this year I will be adding my "Joy Dare" as part of my post.
You can check out "A Holy Experience". 
Ann is an amazing writer and so up lifting and has many helps to help you grow spiritually.

January 3 Joy Dare

3 Graces you overheard

1. That I was very beautiful.....I was in the ladies room where I was at so I could learn to do a ladies hair. Pin curls!
2. It was very nice of me to drove over and take time out of my schedule to learn to do her hair. Of course I would! That is the right thing to do. Thank you Gayle on all of these lovely words and graces.
3. Not sure its so much over heard as it was experienced. It had to do with a slice of free pie at Shari's restaurant. They honored it though it was for another Shari's. I thought they all where the same. Thank you for honoring. Nice grace!

A Holy Experience


Karen S. said...

Wow, so pretty, a lovely post.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

beautiful bethe, thank you for sticking with me :) love n hugs