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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Candid Moments

Winter Blanket

February 9 2014
 During our Winter storm in the early part of February I had taken some amazing photos and lots of them. 
Though I always seem to have lots of photos.
Good thing we are digital and not on film or I would be in trouble.
I loved the snow just sitting like a blanket cover on the pine needles of the tree.
Makes me want to run into the kitchen and make a cup of hot tea!

February 9 2014
I know they are very similar in views,
I was trying to decide which one I like the best.
Of course I can never make up my mind.
Its like trying to chose which child is more important.
It doesn't work that way. 
They each have a uniqueness about them.
And a slightly different view.
I had fun taking the pictures and finding ways to make them more interesting.
Hope you enjoyed the fun of the pine trees covered in the their blanket of snow.

February 9 2014
As you can see I didn't do much in the cold!
I bundled up and grabbed that camera and started to snap away.
I found a really cool app with really neat looking frames on my phone.
So I added this one to make the snow stand out more.
It is February with all those sweethearts and then blue for the cold of Winter.
I have sure have been having fun with those camera apps on the phone.
I learn something new everyday.
Glad you came by and visited a bit.
Please don't forget to leave a comment, love knowing you came by and what you have to say.
Do you take more pictures now that you are digital or about the same? Do you have a hard time choosing what photos you like better?

Photo Challenge

February Photo Challenge
Day 20~ Makes You Smile

Lots of things make me smile.
I love to smile!
I say grab your buckets and spread those smiles of sunshine around.

Upper corner is hubby with my precious adopted daughter and friend Kathrine.
Center top with my girlfriends on my birthday at Barlow Inn. What fun!
Rebecca, Kathrine and I
Laurel one of my beautiful clients and her amazing smile next to me.
Fran another amazing client who is always smiling
Then there is Sybil who is always always carrying her bucket of sunshine smiles and sharing them with all she comes across no matter the day or the weather. Love her!
Mary who is an amazing friend who I don't think I have ever seen frown!
My amazing beautiful Aunt Carol! She was all smiles!

Then there is all my Mary Kay girlfriends and their amazing smiles.
I would say each one makes me smile and adds beauty to my life and my day!
But I have many things that make me smile.
These smiles were just to amazing not to share!

"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God."
~Matthew 5:8

O God of Love, let me serve in your spirit.

February Joy Dare

Day 20 
A gift at breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Breakfast it is a toss up between my cup of coffee and the strawberry cream cheese turn overs I had. I'm thinking I'm picking the strawberry cream cheese turnovers.
Lunch while I didn't have lunch today due to the fact I was so busy. So....I'm picking my glass of water I had. And I actually enjoyed it too! 

Dinner is easy! Homemade tacos with homemade salsa doesn't get any better than that! 
I think over all it was a very good food day here for me!

A Holy Experience

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