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Daily Journey

Saturday, February 1, 2014

ABC~ Question & Answer

I stole this fun little thing from a Face Book friend who found it on Instagram.
I thought it would be fun to answer the questions.
So I have the answers below to each letter.
Hope you enjoy the trivia
Please feel free to have fun and take this and play along!

A. No~ Married
B. February 16
C. OH MY! Through my live time there surely has been many crushes. Today it is.....I'm not telling!
D. A glass of water
E. Ummm.... My Lord and Savior
F. Randy Travis "Forever and Ever Amen!"
G. Having fun!
H. Depends what color I have on hand at the time....Dark Carmel...but it could change in six weeks.
I. Life
J. Nothing really! No reason to be.
K. My friend Jeannie 
L. I would have to say Jeannie
M. Not sharing.... I was named after several people and I am honored to carry their name.
N. I don't think I have one. ..If I had to chose one I think it would be 101
O. To be a better person than I was yesterday
P. Mary
Q. How old am I?
R. Grandchildren
S. Thank you Lord
T. 5:00 AM
U. LOL Pink with black polka dots
V. Really? Lets just say that it is best left unsaid!
W. Mice
X. LOL There is a reason they are an Ex!!!! I don't think there is any love lost.
Y. This afternoon when I said I will see you next week to Norma as I took her back to her room. Always a big hug for the ladies!!!
Z. Aquarius

Did we have fun with these questions and answers?

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