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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Candid Moments


It is always nice to have the sweet fragrance of the rose
I'm so grateful to have a friend that shares her roses with me.
For Valentines day her daddy bought her roses.
She was traveling two hours to my house to spend four days.
She brought them so that she would have them to enjoy.
But she was also staying at another friends house.
She left them here in my care to enjoy!

I'm so grateful to smell this sweet scent of roses in my home this week.
The beauty is amazing!
So glad I took some pictures of them.
I think I will get few more of them tomorrow before they head back over the mountain with her.
Love that she shared these beautiful roses with me.

Do you like the fragrance of roses? Or what is your favorite flower fragrance?

Photo Challenge

February Photo Challenge
February 18 ~
Something you Don't Like

This one wasn't to hard to do; as I do have lots of things I don't like.
Today started out with one of the many things I don't like.
Not having any appointments or clients.
Having them cancel isn't fun which creates no work, and no money!
Not fun!
Mice are an absolute fear of mine!

Then I can tell you I hate abuse, bullying, organized crime drug trafficking or any kind.
My list is rather endless; so I really could have gone on on this topic.
But these are some of the very important ones.

February Joy Dare

Day 18
3 Gifts on paper
1. My clients list of appointments (Even when it cancels it is a blessing) Means that they got to go home! Praise the Lord!
2. Paper work to fill out and sign to qualify for purchasing a home (Not fun! But a needed process of evil; I guess!)
3. Notes around the house reminding me of little items that need to be done or taken care. Love when they disappear means it was accomplished! YEA~

A Holy Experience

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