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Daily Journey

Friday, February 7, 2014

Candid Moments

More Snow

February 2014
It was a very late start to my day.
Though there wasn't much snow it was enough to cause all kinds of problems.
The snow drifts are what caused the problems for me!
Due to the darn wind!
As you can see it is crystal beauty this morning.
With the sun shining brightly with pretty blue skies;
creating crystal diamonds in the glistening snow.
So inviting....
Just asking us to come play!

February 2014
Come sit awhile and chill with me!
In the beauty of the Winter wonderland.
I wasn't going to go to work due to my car being buried.
My sweet friend Mary came and took me to work.
What a blessing she is!

February 2014
A look into my window where my sweet little shop is at.
Not much of a view! 
But when outside there is a view of all the snow.
Yes my shop is in a day basement.
It is called the first floor.
It isn't any bigger than a storage closet!
So grateful for it and the ladies that come to visit and have their hair done along with the gentleman that come for their haircuts.
God truly has blessed me in this little space in the world

February 2014
Fall in love with the beauty of this little bush.
 One of many that lines one side of the building of Parkview Assisted Living.

February 2014
 Awaiting for the melting and breaks of Spring to spring forth.
Instead we await yet another storm to return for round two of three snow storms to come through Oregon!
We have waited all Winter for winter to arrive.
Winter came in like a kitten and is roaring like a lion!
It has finally come!
 Roaring loudly, "here I am!"
As we take in this winter wonderland.

February 2014
 Inside we sit near a fire.
The ladies and gentleman remembering their youth.
 With the weather forecast on TV.
The time is pasting by.......
Thinking how fun it would be to roast some marshmallow's and make some smore's.
Maybe a hot dogs too.
As they tell their stories of days gone by.
How rich I am to sit and hear these wonderful stories and to know each one of these precious souls.
Come sit awhile and hear a story that is rich in history and love of lives lived to the fullest.
My heart is full!
I came to work and have been blessed to sit awhile and listen with open ears of love.

February 2014
The end of my day has come.
The storm has rolled in.
No more glistening snow in the sunshine like diamonds waiting for me to come play.
The  grey skies have taken over.
The starting of the wind once again with blowing flurries of snow flakes starting to fall.
round two has descended upon us.
Inside I will watch with bright eyes.
Wondering what tomorrow will bring.
Snug and warm awaiting new adventures in the snow. 

Do you enjoy watching it snow? Or would you rather be playing in it?

Photo Challenge

February Photo Challenge
Day 7~ Your Name
Today was kind of a hard one for me.
So I went on line and looked up some things about my name and posted them
I took one of my bundled up photos from today in the snow.

I did think about Queens, and other famous people with my name. 
But...I wanted it to be me!

February Joy Dare

Day 7
A gift at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm

My 11:30 gift was seeing all my ladies lined up waiting for me to do their hair today. They were so excited that I even showed up. Smiles as BIG AS TEXAS!!! I love them each one! God is good!
2:30 is Mary McCormick Loomis picking me up and stopping for lunch at Giuseppe's. What a blessing and treasure Mary is. Thank you for making our day today for the sweet ladies.
6:30 Prayer time with my wonderful friend Crystal N Koch who up lifts encourages me and is an amazing prayer partner. Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift and treasured friend.

A Holy Experience

1 comment:

Denise said...

I love the snow. Watching it, and playing in it.