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Daily Journey

Monday, February 17, 2014

Candid Moments

Mount Rushmore
I was in search for photos today of my trip to Mount Rushmore.
It was for the photo challenge that I have been involved in.
I am having so much fun with it as well.
So I thought I would share this old photos here today.
I actually have been thinking about doing a flash back day.
So today we are doing a flash back to 1998.
If you have never been here it is a must for your bucket list.
In fact I would love to go again.
Very impressive! 

Mount Rushmore
I took tons of photos even then when I didn't have a digital camera or phone with a camera.
The history here is so rich and it truly is a whole day here and you still could come back and do more and learn.
The sights are breathe taking.
I must say I have to thank my then friend now sister in law Jeanne for this amazing trip with such rich memories.
With the Lord's amazing grace and miracles on this trip as well.
God truly showed Him self in so many ways on this trip.
Glad to have them as well as being able to see this amazing country and all the rich history it has to offer us.

Mount Rushmore
 This was one of my favorite photos I took at Mount Rushmore of President Washington's head.
I loved how I got some of the beautiful trees as he looked out over the scenery.
Amazing how they did the craving in these rocks.

Mount Rushmore
That I was able to be here and have my picture taken with Mount Rushmore in the back ground still astounds me. 
Though I know I was here when I was a child I have no memory of it at all for some strange reason.
But it truly was a gift to me here and spend time in this part of the country.
We spent time in the Black Hills, The Grand Tetons, and so many other places on the way.
It is a trip and time I will always treasure and hold dear in my heart. 
So glad you could drop in and go on this little journey back in time with me to Mount Rushmore.
Don't forget to put this on your bucket list to see and please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by,
Blessings my friends.

Do you enjoy traveling around our great America or around the part of the world you live in learning the history?

Photo Challenge

February Photo Challenge
February 17, 2014
Presidents Day

 Found some of my photos from when I was at Mount Rushmore in 1998 with my now         
sister in law Jeanne Good! 

We had a great time and so much fun on this trip. 

Great memories!

February Joy Dare

Day 17
3 Gifts found in serving/giving
1. Love that when I donate my time in the community I know that it is time well spent giving to those that cannot give back and are grateful for the service that I provide
2. Giving of my time because it is a piece of me and who I am; time is a valuable asset that once given you can never get back so when well spent on giving to others and being open to being a service to them you know it is wisely spent.
3. Being able to give items that I no longer have use for; but others would be glad to have and use. Thankful that I can give these things to others that may not have otherwise.

A Holy Experience

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