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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Candid Moments


February 2014
 Winter has finally arrived in a fierce wintry storm here in the PNW.
It is a late Winter snow but much welcomed and wanted.
I'm not a Winter fan and usually not this late in the year.
It has been a fairly nice Winter until this storm hit.
It is the first of three huge storms coming through.
Next one hits tomorrow sometime.
Then the third on Saturday.
Praying I will be able to get to work tomorrow.
We live in an area of town that get kind of crazy when the storms come.
But then again after driving today....
I think maybe these PNW people have forgotten how to drive in snow.

February 2014
 Though I'm really not a winter person I do enjoy the snow and its peaceful beauty.
I love how it just makes you feel like curling up with a good book next to a fire with hot chocolate.
It glistens like diamonds.
So when it snows I have billions and millions of diamonds to look at.
When the wind blows it creates amazing beauty.
It is a soft snow ......
One could even make some snow angels.
Not today!
Maybe this weekend.

February 2014
I was taking some selfies outside in the snow to share with my daughters and some friends.
Maybe a bit crazy!
But I sure was having fun!
I will have to defrost in a very hot tub of water when all done and said.
You can tell the wind is blowing and that it is still snowing.
I think this winter wonderland brings out the child in all of us.
Young and old we all love to either watch it from a window where we are snug and warm.
Or maybe a good sled down the hill, A snow angel or two.
Maybe just running and playing and good old fashion snowball fight.
Or are you the one that builds the perfect snowman!?
I do enjoy building a snowman or two.
Then there are those who head for the mountain for that perfect downhill ski.
But for me, I will sit by the fire and have a hot chocolate thank you!
As I type this up it is still very windy and snowy out.
I wonder how many inches we will have in the morning.
Stay warm and be blessed.

Do you like to play in the snow? What do you enjoy doing in the snow.
Photo Challenge

February Photo Challenge
Day 6~ Soft
My cozy warm bed with all of my quilts and blankets 
along with my pillows that I snuggle up with.
Didn't want to get up this morning and leave this one place!

February Joy Dare

Day 6 
3 Gifts found outside

1. The white Winter wonderland of snow. That I know every child loves big and small.
2. The wind that is blowing and whipping around ( Though I cannot see it, it creates amazing beauty in the snow!)
3. The lights gleaming on the wintry wonderland of snow this evening! Very pretty!

A Holy Experience


Denise Oldham said...

I love building snowmen, and making snow angels.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

thank you for sharing the snow pics...the snow here has been so dry it dissipates from the wind
but at 13 it really cant snow too much, even the 3" of snow earlier was not able to make even snowball.

blessings my friend